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PhotoGain.com connects the world's greatest photographers with enthusiastic art buyers.

Traditional stock photo services charge photographers outrageous commissions (typically more than 50% of the purchase price), charge image buyers outrageous prices, and represent only a small fraction of the photographic community.

Because PhotoGrain.com was created by photographers, we put the photographer's interest first. When you sign up to sell your images with us, you agree to pay a very modest monthly membership fee. Our introductory price is $19.95/month for 500Mb of image storage space. You decide what to charge for your images and price them accordingly. When a buyer makes a purchase, we deduct the cost of processing the credit card payment, which is typically 3% of the total purchase plus a $0.79 transaction fee. The rest is yours to keep. What could be more fair than that?

We hope you'll decide to join the ranks of PhotoGain.com photographers today!

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