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Rip Noėl | View all photos by this person

Rip Noel is President of Noel Studios, Inc.
(a commercial photography, film and video production studio in operation since 1982).

He is also a co-author of Spring Into Digital Photography - a new Addison-Wesley/Pearson Education book and is one of the PhotoGain.com founders.

Contact: New York 212-203-3905, Walland 865-681-6250, Mobile 865-679-6635 
e-mail: rip@ripnoel.com Website: www.ripnoel.com

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Portfolio available upon request.

photographer, 4x5, view camera, cadillac, ranch, art, midwest, trail, wheat field, travel, tourist, route 66,
Photographer watches the light on Cadillac Ranch waiting for the perfect moment to press the shutter.
Image Viewed: 10233 times
Photo ID: 41-311
Photo Title: Photographer and Cadillac Ranch
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