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Rip Noėl | View all photos by this person

Rip Noel is President of Noel Studios, Inc.
(a commercial photography, film and video production studio in operation since 1982).

He is also a co-author of Spring Into Digital Photography - a new Addison-Wesley/Pearson Education book and is one of the PhotoGain.com founders.

Contact: New York 212-203-3905, Walland 865-681-6250, Mobile 865-679-6635 
e-mail: rip@ripnoel.com Website: www.ripnoel.com

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Portfolio available upon request.

rural, farm, walland, tennessee, tn, car, antique, plymouth, automobile, barn, gm, general motors
Nostalgia returns with a visit to the old Plymouth in the barn.
Image Viewed: 8814 times
Photo ID: 52-255
Photo Title: Memories of the Plymouth
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