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Jay OBrien | View all photos by this person

I generally photograph in the area in which I live, which is Philadelphia, Pa.  When we vacation a photographic location always has priority, especially the Southwest.

I consider New Jersey, Del. and the Del. Watergap area, Pa. my backyard, and this is where I create the majority of my images.

I have had images published in Nature Photographer, Natures Best, Outdoor Nature Magazines, Inner Reflection and EPA Wetlands Calanders.

I strive to have the viewer of my images feel as if they are looking at the everyday image in a new and unique way.

www.jaobrien.org for more images

daisy, gerber daisy, yellow daisy, yellow, petals, plants, flowers, gardens, wildflowers, abstract, seasonal, spring
petals of daisy backlit by early moring light, with a little photoshop filters
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Photo ID: 53-576
Photo Title: Yellow Petals
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