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Jay OBrien | View all photos by this person

I generally photograph in the area in which I live, which is Philadelphia, Pa.  When we vacation a photographic location always has priority, especially the Southwest.

I consider New Jersey, Del. and the Del. Watergap area, Pa. my backyard, and this is where I create the majority of my images.

I have had images published in Nature Photographer, Natures Best, Outdoor Nature Magazines, Inner Reflection and EPA Wetlands Calanders.

I strive to have the viewer of my images feel as if they are looking at the everyday image in a new and unique way.

www.jaobrien.org for more images

poppies, blue poppies, african poppies, plants, garden, flowers, seasonal, spring
blue african poppies touching
Image Viewed: 4122 times
Photo ID: 53-542
Photo Title: Two African Poppies
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