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Here at Photogain.com we all share the same philosophy that learning is not a task that needs to be completed but actually an approach to a journey of enlightenment and mastery. Diploma ImageOne of the single most important skills you can learn while on this journey is the ability to teach yourself. No matter how successful you may become with your work there is always room for growth and learning. Once you have gained the skill to recognize where you're short comings lye you will be well on your way to a lifetime or continued growth.

Our online learning area is here to help you with not only learning to use our site but also to help you master specific tools and techniques. Hopefully we will be able to continue growing this area and we will be looking forward to hearing from you about what you feel is most needed. To help you get aquatinted with our site please check out Getting To Know Photogain.com in our Video Training area. Please also check out the current Workshops area as well as our featured Books section. Our top ten tips below are also worth a look even if you've been shooting for a while.

Thanks again for checking us out. If you would like to become part of our team as a photogain.com volunteer please email info@photogain.com.

PhotoGain.com Top 10 Tips

  1. Shoot RAW whenever possible for the highest quality and greatest creative control in the image editing process.
  2. Start managing your assets sooner, not later.
  3. Spend extra time creating meaningful keywords, whether for asset management or stock sales.
  4. Avoid placing the main subject in the center of the frame. Use the Rule of Thirds and your image's Power Points.
  5. Choose high quality, name-brand storage media for preserving your precious image assets.
  6. When you think you're done with a shot, shoot a couple more shots of the same subject from a new angle or point of view. You'll often be surprised with the results.
  7. Don't leave home without your camera user manual.
  8. Most digital cameras capture light in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Invest in an IR filter to open the door to this artistic form of shooting.
  9. Learn to see the way light is illuminating your subject. If you can't control the light, you can usually control your camera's position relative to the light.
  10. Don't go looking for "photographs" that you can shoot. Instead, look for the basic design elements of line, shape and form, pattern, texture, and color. "Photographs" will emerge from those basic elements.