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Digital Asset Management Tools

Photoshop Elements

The Photo Organizer makes basic to intermediate asset management easy and painless. Makes simple tasks simple, and complex tasks possible. Limited support for automation and customization.

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Photoshop Bridge

Part of Adobe Creative Suite 2, and included with other individual Adobe products (Photoshop CS2, InDesign, etc.)

  • Quickly organize, browse, locate, and view your assets with visual previews and scalable thumbnails — Photoshop images, Illustrator graphics, InDesign layouts, GoLive Web pages, and a variety of standard graphics files.
  • Access multiple versions of your files and track alternate renditions through Version Cue® CS2 in Adobe Bridge. Actively track the status of project files and collaborate more easily by sharing this information across workgroups.
  • Search for files on a hard drive or across a network using extensive metadata information, including version comments and attributes such as all files that use a certain PANTONE® color or set of fonts.
  • Set color preferences from a central control panel in Bridge Center, available exclusively in Adobe Creative Suite 2, for more consistent color in your projects and files. This single set of preferences controls color settings for Adobe Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and InDesign CS2, so screen and print output match closely as you work file to file.
  • Automate labor-intensive tasks across components of the suite by writing JavaScripts or using included workflow script examples, and then store your scripts in a central location for easy access or to share with colleagues.
  • Process multiple camera raw images at once. Resize, rate, and label thumbnails in Slideshow or Filmstrip mode. Save searches as Collections that you can recall anytime.

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Sophisticated cataloging and simple image editing from a leader in Web innovation. The good news: It's a free download. The bad news: It doesn't run on a Mac (yet, anyway).

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Great support for many camera RAW formats; powerful and feature-rich. Windows-only (no Mac version).

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  • Highly customizable and powerful for intermediate and advanced users.
  • Great CD-ROM and Web publishing tools. Automated cataloging and assisted intelligent keywording.
  • Excellent control of file importing and renaming.
  • Free browser application for distributing your images to clients and friends on CD-ROM with automatic slide show launch.
  • Runs on PCs and Macs.

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Photo Mechanic

  • High speed cross platform image browser – dual processor aware for Macintosh and PC
  • Support for all major IPTC (International Press Telecommunications council) meta-data fields
  • Convenient ingest command provides intelligent downloading of photos including batch IPTC captioning, and optional secondary backup.
  • Powerful batch features (Rename, Save as, Copy, Move, Delete, Embed ICC profiles, Apply IPTC Stationery)
  • Image variables -
    Extract image Exif or IPTC meta-data for captioning or naming images
  • Slide show edit - Tag images for batch processing while viewing and sharing them in slide show mode
  • Export and printing options - Email images, create HTML web galleries and print directly.

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This information is provided as a supplement to:

Spring into Digital Photography
by Joseph T. Jaynes & Rip Noël
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0131853538

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